Client Web Site Design information

Please enter as much information as possible. It will help with the initial design of your web site.

Domain Name: www.


Color scheme: eg. Light Blue background, Text in black, Headings Dark Blue, left and right columns darker blue
Fonts: eg. Verdana, Arial, Courier
Additional Information: Any Information that does not fit into a presupplied input box that could be helpful in the design


Company Name:
Logo: eg. image name: CoLogo.jpg or text: Best beef on the block
Background colour: eg. Dark Blue, pale pink changing to orange
Background image:
Banner Height: eg. 2.5cm or to fit logo


Repeat menu in footer:
Menu colour: eg. Dark Blue, changing to light blue when hovering over it
Menu Height: eg. 2.5cm 


Left Column Width: eg. 5cm or 20% of screen or not required
Center Column Width: eg. 80% of screen
Right Column Width: eg. 3cm or 30% of screen or not required